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AC(Access Controller)

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Product Overview

The BS-WAC-WS series wireless switch can transfer some functions such as wireless network and security processing to the central WLAN switch, and centralize management of all the thin AP (Access Point) and wireless users. It has perfect functions such as radio frequency management, automatic recovery from faults, forced STA roaming and load balancing, and is easy to upgrade and expand. The product family enables seamless and secure enterprise-class wireless network deployments on any existing L2 / L3 network without interrupting the current network. BS-WAC-WS series can be perfectly integrated with the original network without changing its architecture, which greatly simplifies network deployment and management and saves user’s investment. At present, our company’s BS-WAC-WS series wireless switch can support device models of 64/128/256/512/1024/2048/4096 sets of AP and meet needs of different application scenarios.


Product Feature:

◎ Centralized wireless network management

BS-WAC-WS series AC can be independently deployed according to capacity requirements and also can be deployed with BS200 network management platform to provide carrier-class network management, which can manage AP and users, simplifying the deployment and maintenance of operation networks.

◎ Centralized wireless network security

Wireless network security supports WEP / WPA / WAP2 / 802.1x modes, wireless IPS / IDS, isolation of users on F/2 and centralized ACL control.

It supports multiple authentication modes: 802.1x authentication, MAC address authentication, Portal authentication, PPPoE authentication and WAPI authentication.

It supports illegal AP detection and follow-up processing, wireless attack defense and static blacklist and whitelist to reduce the impact of illegal users on the wireless network.

◎ Carrier-class wireless user management

Achieve user authentication and access charging etc. by regarding users as granularity, support users’ geographical positioning capability, users’ QoS flow control capability, MAC-based access control and MAC-based VLAN control, and meet the needs of wireless network operations.

Support users roaming and switching capabilities, support roaming and switching capabilities on F/3 and F/2, achieve unified billing capabilities under roaming switching scenarios.

◎ Flexible business flow exchange mode

BS-WAC-BS series AC and AP support route networking on F/2 and F/3, support switching modes such as centralized switching, distributed switching and mixed switching to meet the diverse networking requirements of operating networks.

◎ Smart wireless resource management

Support management of wireless channel frequency points, power, speed and wireless advanced parameter configuration, support intelligent switching of wireless channel, support intelligent adjustment of wireless capability and support user load sharing, and maximize the rate of wireless resource utilization.

◎ Comprehensive QoS guarantee

Support packet classification and flow control, support DSCP flow scheduling, support end-to-end QoS mapping, support 802.11e and support load balancing and admission control.

◎ System redundancy backup function

The BS-WAC-WS series supports 1 + 1 hot backup capability and N + 1 redundancy backup capability to improve high reliability of the system.

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      AC(Access Controller)
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