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Air Conditioning Antenna

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frequency band:820-960MHz(2/4 interfaces)、

                         1710- 2170MHz(2/4/6 interfaces

                         820-960/1710-2170MHz(2+2/2+4/4+2 interfaces)、

                         820-960/1710-2690MHz(2+2/2+4/4+2 interfaces

Gain: Low frequency 15/17dBi(820-960MHz)、High frequency 17/21dBi(1710-2690MHz)

Beam width:65°(FDD)、90°(TDD)。

Electrical Downtilt:2-12°/2-18°/10-25°。

Technical features:

1.The shell and the antenna are combined,Good performance。

2.It's designed like The Air conditioning ,Very discreet。

3.maintenance doors at the bottom Can be adjusted。

4.Cooperate with heighten rack to use。

5.Outdoor roof installation。

6.It can be installed at school、Hotel、 residential building and so on.

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      Air Conditioning Antenna
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