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BS-PON-EU411-C4A is the gateway product of PON series of our company. Users can connect to the fiber-optic network provided by service providers through this device. The product features high bandwidth, multi-service and high-performance, and can simultaneously transmit data, video and voice information and provide a variety of downlink interfaces, and transform the optical network signal into the corresponding service.

Basic service:

This product has one 10/100 / 1000M adaptive port (RJ45 10/100 / 1000Auto MDIX) and three 10/100M adaptive ports (RJ45 10/100 / 1000Auto MDIX) on the LAN side, It can provide users with multi-service access capabilities such as wired Internet access and IPTV. And it also provides services such as voice and fax (ISP support required) through two FXS VoIP (RJ11) ports.


GPON * 1, GE * 1, FE * 1,  USB * 1, POTS * 1

Specification of ONU equipment (length × width × height) 190mm X 120mm X 30mm

Operating temperature -10 ° C to 50 ° C

Operating relative humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

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