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802.11ac high-performance standard outdoor AP

BS-WAP-O500 / AC wireless access pointis an outdoor dual-frequency 2 × 2 wireless access point designed by Boom sense Technology Outdoor Wireless Application Environment. Adopting the latest 802.11ac scheme, this wireless access point provides users with a secure, stable and high-speed wireless network to meet the wireless access demand of the users in various outdoor application environment. In addition, BS-WAP-O500 / AC products are designed and tested in strict accordance with IP66 protection standards.

Optimized network performance

BS-WAP-O500 / AC standard WLAN base station uses 802.11n and 802.11ac MIMO 2x2 technology to provide WiFi access of up to 1.7Gbps kilomega, meeting the outdoor high-capacity and high-throughput application need. And the multi-user scheduling mechanism, wireless power control mechanism, wireless mechanism of anti-interference and many other wireless algorithms are optimized, improving the product performance significantly .

Specialized product design

Based on the special requirement for outdoor applications, BS-WAP-O500 / AC products offer an environmental protection evel consistent with the  IP66 standards, with perfect waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and other measures. All devices of the equipment adopt the special devices which meet a variety of outdoor harsh environmental working conditions and undergo a rigorous environment-simulated test. The humanized setup packages   allow engineers to install and deploy quickly the devices in various installation scenarios.

Rich business supporting ability

BS-WAP-O500 / AC products have multi-service undertaking capabilities. Apart from meeting the wireless access needs of the user standard, the products also offer point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, wireless repeaters and other business supporting abilities according to the specific application environment needs, meeting fully the functional requirements of the user for all kinds of outdoor application scenarios.

Meet high-definition video (HD video)bandwidth requirement

BS-WAP-O500 / AC products support the service-optimized WMM feature of IEEE802.11e, with an excellent video-data sensing capability, they can ensure the service quality of wireless video, according to the network bandwidth to adjust automatically the forwarding strategy. A perfect WMM character supporting ability provides a strong guarantee for the development of wireless video communication business.

Intelligentized FIT AP mode

BS-WAP-O500 / AC products can be configured by the software to work solely for fat AP modeorconfigured into thin AP mode to work with the wireless controller according to the application requirement. When working in thin AP mode, the product can also determine the forwarding strategy of data according to the role of the access user to provide an optimized forwarding path for the user data.

Plug and play zero-configuration deployment

BS-WAP-O500 / AC outdoor access point supports the plug-and-play zero-configuration deployment. Using this feature, network administrators can manage centrally  BS-WAP-O500 / AC equipment in the network through a wireless controller, and  achieve the auto update of the equipment software versions, automatically deliver the configuration data and automatically adjust rf parameters, greatly reducing the constructional, operational and maintenance costs of the network


Application characteristic

>802. 11n + 802.11ac dual-frequency dual-current

>Fat / thin mode switch

>Multi-SSID (the single frequency supports 16 SSIDs)

>Automatic channel adjustment

>Automatic terminal type identification

>Automatic power adjustment

>Dynamic receiver sensitivity

>Flow control / QoS

>IP66 (protection standard)

>Anti-wind speed 241Km / h

Power supply / installation

>PoE power supply(802.3at)

>Pole mounting (installed firmly)

Safety Network

>Wi-Fi security access(WPA / WPA2)

>MAC address filtering

>Illegal AP testing

Management and maintenance

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