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DC Remote Supply


Product introduction:

With the large-scale construction of 2G&3G network, operators' network devices are unable to run normally due to equipment power supply problems, and the economic losses can be imagined.

Major government units, large shopping malls and important office buildings and people with large momentum;

High - level hotels, hotels, stations do distribution coverage, often encountered by the owners of the decoration, maintenance of power failure;

The instability of the equipment caused by voltage instability leads to the decrease of signal intensity.

The railway, the road and the similar farms are isolated from the natural environment, and the city electricity is difficult to introduce.

The power department has a long application cycle and so on.

For these cases, consider the state information technology Limited by Share Ltd covered emphatically for network operators; the timely development of an adaptive communication product of DC remote power supply system. As the extended product of the new generation of intelligent mobile communication, the wireless signal is realized online, and the brand image of the network is set up.

The product can be widely used in 2G&3G indoor and outdoor small base stations, outdoor isolated repeater and key area cabling, main RRU, WLAN and other communication network devices to provide uninterruptible power supply, which has the advantages of reducing input costs, simplifying construction difficulties and improving maintenance efficiency.

Working principle:

Reference room of -48V DC power supply, power supply from the proximal end of filter, rectifier, oscillation, boosting, isolation treatment, become suspended high DC voltage through the composite cable transmission to the remote machine, the internal power module detection circuit, protection, monitoring, flow filtering, DC voltage output stable suspension, provide uninterrupted power supply for communication equipment.
Product features: 

Input over voltage alarm protection: when the input voltage of the computer room exceeds the specified 38~65V voltage, the local terminal equipment stops output, which ensures the safety and reliability of the local device, or prevents the battery from discharging too much, and ensures the safe use of the battery pack, and outputs the alarm signal at the same time.

Output overvoltage alarm and protection: when the output voltage of the local equipment is higher than the rated voltage, the protection circuit stops output and protects the direct discharge station and the power supply equipment.

Overload alarm and protection: after the current of the transmission cable is greater than the rated value, the local terminal protection circuit will stop the output voltage, so as to prevent the cable from overheating or damage, ensure the safety of the transmission cable, and record the alarm information at the same time.

Short circuit protection function: when the remote power supply equipment or transmission line is short circuited, the corresponding remote power supply's near end module and remote device will stop output, which ensures the safety of the electric equipment or transmission line, and the monitoring terminal outputs the alarm information.
Over temperature protection function: when the operation temperature of the near and far power supply exceeds the rated 

value, the power will automatically stop the output voltage, protect the device, and output alarm signal and record alarm information at the same time.  

Power line lap protection: when the power line is overlapped on the transmission line, the remote power supply module stops the output and outputs the alarm signal.

The power supply to the earth is suspended: there is no loop at the end of the device output to the earth. When the body touches the positive pole or the negative pole of the power, it will cause no harm to the human body because it can not form a loop.

Wire leakage protection: when the output lines of the far supply power supply leakage, the equipment stops output and output alarm signal.

Lightning protection: lightning protection with the corresponding requirements of telecommunications equipment.

Fault isolation: when a point to multipoint application is used, one of the equipment does not affect the normal operation of the other set of equipment when it has a fault.

Fault alarm: at the same time, the local panel adopts different color indicators to indicate the corresponding fault types and fault information to the monitoring device.

Application scenario:

Remote power supply and dual backup of power supply for communication equipment.

Railway, highway, tunnel and mountain road and other narrow area covering equipment power supply.

The replacement of solar and wind power supply.

Replacement of conventional backup power supply and UPS power supply.

The power department uses electricity to coordinate the difficulty when it is difficult.

The application of the electric equipment site is limited.

When multiple devices are used in residential or indoor coverage;.

There is always an unsteady factor in the location of the location of the electrical equipment to interfere with the electricity, so that the voltage is unstable.


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