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Direct Station Network


The direct station network is the direct station integrated management platform developed by the company for the carrier, and there are dozens of vertical station network management system in China for the service of all the operators at all levels. At present, our company's network management system is based on the unified standard protocol of the operator, which can monitor all the equipment of the manufacturer conforming to the uniform standard agreement.

Repeater station network management system not only can monitor each manufacturer of repeater station running state, can also according to the needs of users, using different network services to provide users with remote repeater station resources centralized management of the graphical function, to provide and process the data to meet the needs of users.

The system has the functions of equipment management, burglar alarm, alarm forwarding, batch query, dispatching, maintenance log, project progress, project maintenance and parameter inquiry.


Support SMS: SMS center forwarding, SMS gateway direct connect two forms;

Support number: wireless digital transmission, wired digital transmission two forms;

Interface operation, easy to use, with vector map, easy to query and manage;

SMS complete alarm notification, work order distribution.

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