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  • DC Remote Power Supply System
    DC Remote Power Supply System
    DC remote power supply system is the system in which DC -48V power supply of engine room is converted into DC 240V~380V through local power supply equipment for remote transmission by feeder cable or feeder optical cable, and supply power for power receiving equipment after remote adaptation power conversion

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  • DC Remote Power Supply System (remote power supply)
    DC Remote Power Supply System (remote power supply)
    Remote power supply converts the voltage from the terminal power supply through the cable to the voltage needed by the power receiving equipment, such as DC-48V, AC220V.

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  • DC Remote Supply
    DC Remote Supply
    Product introduction: With the large-scale construction of 2G&3G network, operators' network devices are unable to run normally due to equipment power supply problems, and the economic losses can be imagined. ◎Major government units, large shopping malls and important office buildings and people with large momentum; ◎High - level hotels, hotels1

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  • UPS Power Series
    UPS Power Series
    Product introduction: With the continuous development of communication network, the large number of equipment construction, each operator's information processing capacity is growing, the demand for information technology has doubled and redoubled. Network coverage is the foundation of the construction and service of the Bureau, and the uninterrupt1

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