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Human Resources

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Human Resources

一、The concept of human resources

Performance is first. Performance is the main basis for staff development, promotion and distribution, and excellent performance will be recognized and rewarded in time; and common growth. The company pays more attention to the training of internal personnel in order to improve the staff's continuous adaptation to the requirements of the company's development; the company's benefit is increasing and the employees' income is promoted continuously.

二、Staff training

he concept of human resources stems from the "common growth" concept. The company has always attached great importance to the training of internal staff, and established effective internal training system based on the needs of talents in the development of the company. The company training mainly includes three dimensions: new employee training, professional skills training, managerial leadership training, and training objects covered from the newly recruited grass-roots employees to the top management staff.

三、Salary and welfare

The company has set up a salary and welfare policy based on job value, work performance oriented, both external competition and internal equity. Employee pay is mainly composed of four parts: basic salary, post salary, performance salary and annual bonus. Excellent employees will have 1-2 salary adjustment opportunities every year.
The company has perfect welfare system, unified company for each employee to pay five social insurance and one housing fund (injury insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, housing provident fund), and provide perfect employee benefits paid vacation, holiday gifts, communications subsidies, accident insurance, remote staff.

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