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Intelligent Base Station

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BoomSense Intelligent Base Station is a 2.4GHz/5.8G band WiFi wireless broadband cellular base station developed by leading technology. Based on the smart antenna array consisting of 6 antennas as well as 6 sets of radio frequency transmitter, it provides a greater coverage area and more stable wireless connection by means of space adaptive beamforming technology. BoomSense doubles the bandwidth capacity with the leading SDMA technology. For operators, government and enterprise customers, with these technical characteristics, we are able to provide high quality WiFi services in the use of a small number of intelligent base stations. It can save the investment cost of equipment, in addition, bring management convenience of far-reaching significance.

Product characteristics:

◎ Farther distance

Compared with the ordinary Wi-Fi AP access point, BS-WAP-019/ZAC can cover 3 times the distance, 9 times the area.

◎ No blind spot coverage of the same quality in different environments

BS-WAP-019/ZAC Beamforming (space adaptive beamforming) has excellent non line of sight coverage capability, so that each base station can have greater blind spot coverage in any environment.

◎ Excellent indoor penetration and deep non line of sight capability

Multipath intelligent combination of ultra-strong link gain storage and transmission and reception of signals helps BS-WAP-019/ZAC achieve excellent indoor penetration and deep non line of sight coverage capability.

◎ Higher bandwidth

Ultra-strong link gain storage greatly improves the bandwidth capacity of BS-WAP-019/ZAC, and the application of SDMA (space division multiple access) technology doubles the bandwidth.

◎ Excellent anti-interference ability

The inherent spatial filtering function of Beamforming (space adaptive beamforming) technology and its unique dynamic interference processing capability make it possible for BS-WAP-019/ZAC to work in a strong interference environment.

◎Investment reduction

Each customer's line cost is minimized by the characteristics of BS-WAP-019/ZAC, including greater coverage area, cheap and universally applied Client Card and excellent indoor penetration.

◎ Operator level reliability

Based on the reliable and durable IP-67 platform and full outdoor design, it can work stably in extreme climate environment.

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      Intelligent Base Station
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