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Multiservice Distributed Access System Solution

NDAS is a system for extended coverage of RF source of multi standard base stations. It can support the coverage of specific community of single or multi system through optical fiber transmission.

System survey

Three-layer network structure

Perfect system monitoring management

Network coverage is basically divorced from passive devices

Optical fiber transmission medium

Simultaneous access of multiple systems

System networking

Support star networking and daisy chain link networking

An main unit can connect 4 extension units at the same time

Each extened unit can have a maximum connection to 6 RF remote unitsEach path can support a maximum of 6 way cascade

System characteristics

The system adopts digital transmission technology, which can effectively lowering the interference of signal digital noise floor to base station

The system supports LTE 2*2MIMO access, and automatically balances dual channel output power

Local and dynamic power adjustment of the system, fully absorb traffic, improve the quality of data services

End to end design of the system, without link budget, convenient for system debugging and optimization

The system uses optical fiber transmission to reduce the cost of property coordination and construction

The system is diverse in remote unit form and suitable for various scenarios

Main unit

Main unit refers to an access device for single or multiple radio frequency extension signals. The signal is converted into optical signal through data processing and transmitted to the multi-channel extension unit or remote unit, so that the conversion of radio frequency signals into optical signals and redistribution of signal route.

Main to the unit features

Couple the RF signals of 2G, 3G and 4G base stations to the distributed system

With the function of remote monitoring and management of the whole system

The equipment adopts modular design, stable and reliable, easy to open and install

Extension unit

The extension unit is the extended node in the network transmission, and the extension unit forwards the digital signals sent by the multi system access unit to multiple remote units; simultaneously, the multiple digital signals uploaded by remote units are connected together, and then transmitted to main unit.

Extension element characteristics

Extended unit supports chain connected networking

The extension unit supports power supply to remote unit with security function

The extension unit supports remote monitoring and management of remote unit

remote unit

The remote unit refers to the downlink digital signal which is transmitted by main unit or extension unit into radio frequency signal. Simultaneously, the received uplink terminal RF signal is sent to the extended unit node or main unit by digital processing to realize the access and coverage of the work signal of specific community.

Distal unit features

The remote unit will connect the RF signal of the main unit to realize  wireless coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G

The remote unit has the advantages of simple design, natural heat dissipation and convenient installation

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