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Solar Energy And Landscape Solutions

Mobile communication has become the main mode of communication. With the spread of communication networks, many base stations are far from the power grid, and the cost of access to the market is high and sometimes unattainable. Although some base stations have power grid access, the grid power supply is very poor because of the end of the grid, and frequent power failure or voltage instability can greatly reduce the reliability of communication. On the other hand, the number of communication base stations is large, which is a big energy user in the communication industry. From the perspective of the distribution of energy consumption of the whole mobile network equipment, in the whole mobile network base station equipment energy consumption accounted for 90%, while the other devices include core network and network management accounts for less than 10%, so the base station energy saving problems become the focus of attention.

The new energy sources of wind and solar energy are non-polluting, inexhaustible and inexhaustible renewable sources of energy. In recent years, with the gradual maturity of new energy generation technology and the continuous accumulation of application experience, the application of new energy supply systems such as wind power and solar energy has become more and more extensive in communication base stations. The new energy independent power supply system provides a viable and reliable power supply solution for remote area communication base stations. In the area where the power supply of power grid is poor, the new energy backup power supply system provides the efficient standby mode for the communication base station, which greatly improves the communication reliability. In areas with better power supply, the new energy supply system will provide a cleaner and more effective energy solution for communication base stations, reducing the use of base stations for conventional energy sources.

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