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UPS Power Series


Product introduction:

With the continuous development of communication network, the large number of equipment construction, each operator's information processing capacity is growing, the demand for information technology has doubled and redoubled. Network coverage is the foundation of the construction and service of the Bureau, and the uninterrupted power supply of UPS provides the most basic power supply for the network, which is the fundamental guarantee of network security operation.

Main technical features

Design of online dual conversion structure

Super power input adaptability

Rich LCD display function

Flexible networking monitoring scheme

Accurate electric power synchronous system

Cold start function

Perfect protective measures

Application Introduction

When the power grid is normal, the power supply voltage is supplied by the UPS voltage regulator, and the battery pack can be charged and the reserve energy can be stored;

When the grid is abnormal (undervoltage, overvoltage, interference, power outages, etc.), the UPS inverter can convert the standby DC power into alternating current to maintain the normal power supply of the load;

UPS can automatically switch between power grid and battery power supply, ensure uninterrupted power supply to the load, and can choose the acceptable switching time according to the precision of the equipment;

When the power quality is poor (electromagnetic interference, radiation, surge, etc.), the UPS can be stabilized and filtered to provide a stable, pure sine wave.

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      UPS Power Series
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