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  • Intelligent Base Station
    Intelligent Base Station
    Product details BoomSense Intelligent Base Station is a 2.4GHz/5.8G band WiFi wireless broadband cellular base station developed by leading technology. Based on the smart antenna array consisting of 6 antennas as well as 6 sets of radio frequency transmitter, it provides a greater coverage area and more stable wireless connection by means of space 1

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  • Bridge Device
    Bridge Device
    Product overview: With the progress of informationization, the Internet has almost become an indispensable part of the work and life. Because of the economy and constructional simplicity, the wireless network has been widely used in two or more long-distance network bridges. Boomsense has launched a series of network bridge products, aimed at outdo1

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  • BS-WAP-O500/AC
    802.11ac high-performance standard outdoor AP BS-WAP-O500 / AC wireless access pointis an outdoor dual-frequency 2 × 2 wireless access point designed by Boom sense Technology Outdoor Wireless Application Environment. Adopting the latest 802.11ac scheme, this wireless access point provides users with a secure, stable and high-speed wireless network 1

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  • BS-WAP-I100NE
    802.11ac indoor wireless access point The BS-WAP-I100NE is a dual-band indoor AP supporting 802.11acstandard,used for high-speed WiFi coverage in an indoor environment. This product supports multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) in 802.11ac wave2 standard, improving greatly the  network efficiency and meeting the growing  device-density demand in the 1

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  • BS-WAP-I100/AC
    802.11ac Wireless Access Point BS-WAP-I100 / AC is a dual-band wireless access point designed for wireless applications environment such as indoor public areas. The product uses the latest 802.11ac scheme to provide users with a secure, stable and high-speed wireless network. Ceiling-type design, exquisite appearance and low occupancy space are int1

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  • AC(Access Controller)
    AC(Access Controller)
    The BS-WAC-WS series wireless switch can transfer some functions such as wireless network and security processing to the central WLAN switch, and centralize management of all the thin AP (Access Point) and wireless users. It has perfect functions such as radio frequency management, automatic recovery from faults, forced STA roaming and load balanci1

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