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Wlan Network Management

Forthcoming OMC hair network can provide complete for wireless products related to management functions, the network running in all sorts of equipment (AC, AP, Bridges, switches, routers, servers, etc.) in unified management, comprehensive monitoring network running status. Bam is currently using the network management system for bs-200.

Product overview:

BS200 is specially designed for the IT environment and the development of network management tool, IT can facilitate the network management, operations staff distributed wireless local area network (LAN) equipment for unified management, centralized monitoring operation condition of the running environment of IT, found the network bottlenecks and equipment failure in time, the systematic optimization of network resources, improve the operating efficiency of IT operation environment, reduce system maintenance cost, and guarantee the stable operation of IT running environment. BS200 principle, system structure is in line with ITU - T suggest a definition and description of TMN (TelecommunicationManagementNetwork). The system has higher flexibility, scalability, reliability, and seamless support for open standards.

BS200 support management system USES TCP/IP, SNMP, UNCP and TL1 protocol standard, advanced object-oriented system modeling and design ideas and Java program design methods, aiming at all kinds of size and the application of the network environment, provides a complete set of network management solutions, implements the system management of TMN recommendations (safety management), network topology management, configuration management, fault management and performance management, and other important function of network management.

Product functions:

Automatically discover

Topology view

Configuration management

Fault management

Performance management

The safety management

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